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How Has Your Myeloma Diagnosis Impacted Your Relationship with Others? Let Us Know!
Posted: Jul 11, 2023
How Has Your Myeloma Diagnosis Impacted Your Relationship with Others? Let Us Know! image

How has your myeloma diagnosis impacted your relationship with others? 

Dr. Urvi Shah, a research team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), wants to learn about myeloma patients' experiences telling (or not telling) friends, family, coworkers, and others about their diagnosis and medical issues. 

This is a way that you can contribute to accelerated myeloma research to help physicians better understand the whole picture of a myeloma diagnosis. A patient's mental well-being affects their ability to improve physically. 

There is not one right or wrong answer when it comes to telling people about your myeloma diagnosis. In addition, different people will have varying reactions and responses to you telling them about your disease, often in unpredictable ways. 

Share your experience in this area of your myeloma journey by participating in this 14-minute survey. 

Take the Survey

You will need a HealthTree Cure Hub account to participate in this survey. If you haven't signed up for your free account already, you can do so today here: HealthTree Cure Hub 

As part of your account creation, you will need to fill out your email, create a password, and complete some brief demographic questions. This information is kept secure and private. 

Interested in other surveys that you can take to contribute to myeloma research? Click here to learn more about them and participate: HealthTree Cure Hub Studies 

The author Jay Hydren, PhD, CSCS

about the author
Jay Hydren, PhD, CSCS

I’m a clinical researcher, with over 14 years of experience investigating various aspects of human health, nutrition and physiology. My PhD encompassed the broad topics of nutrition and integrative physiology with particular focus on age related diseases and vascular health. My most recent work focuses on accelerating a cure and treatments for Multiple Myeloma. I’m also working to improve patient experiences and decision-making processes for cancer treatment and care. To complement these critical research efforts, I enjoy hiking and skiing in Utah and surrounding states, along with training my dog and digital photography. 

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