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Our Story

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When Jenny Ahlstrom was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2010, treatments for this rare blood cancer were limited. But Jenny didn’t have time to wait.

She and her husband Paul realized that harnessing the powerful experience of all myeloma patients was the key to speeding research — and the innovation that would save lives. In 2012, they used their technology expertise to start the HealthTree Foundation to do just that.
Over the last decade, the HealthTree Foundation has built programs and integrated software platforms to help people with blood cancer learn more about their diseases, better navigate their care, and seamlessly contribute to lifesaving research.

HealthTree community members can find a coach, stay updated with news in easy-to-understand language, find solutions for side effects crowdsourced from other patients, see personalized clinical trials and treatment options, listen to podcasts, join community forums and educational meetings, learn from experts in HealthTree University… and so much more.
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Our engaged blood cancer community of patients, families, and caregivers is the driving force behind our revolutionary research model. HealthTree Cure Hub is the only tool that invites patients to contribute their complete real-world data to academic research. Access to this rich data allows investigators to perform research in faster and less expensive ways, saving critical time for patients who are playing “beat the clock” with terminal diseases.
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Our Research Impact



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We’re not stopping here. Our team continues to grow as we expand to support additional blood cancers, solid tumor cancers, and other terminal diseases.
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