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Kirk Lawson

multiple myeloma coach since 2023

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma at age 63 through an annual physical. Caught quite early, and with no symptoms, I started quadruple induction therapy Spring 2022. I had an autologous stem cell transplant in September 2022 and started maintenance therapy in December 2022. 2022 was a busy year! Now about 1 year post-transplant, I feel great – have as much energy and stamina as I have had in the past several years. On the spectrum of possible outcomes from a transplant, I have a relatively uncomplicated experience. I work full-time for a busy New York City Academic Medical Center and so balancing this disease in addition to household responsibilities has been a new challenge, but one I have taken on with an open mind, realistic mindset and always an optimistic attitude. I believe I owe the success of my journey to great care as well as an amazing support team including my family, friends and co-workers. My partner of 38 years and I divide our time between New York City and upstate New York and we are grateful for the lives we have built together. I hope to be able to share my experiences to benefit other patients with Multiple Myeloma, as well as their family members. My experience working in healthcare for the past 30 plus years has given me a great background to navigate our complex healthcare system as a patient. And recently I was certified in Coaching so I am eager to share what I can and help you navigate your unique journey with a compassionate perspective. I am here for you to help you on your journey, without judgement , and with an open mind, open heart and to actively listen and support you.

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Mark Bastian image
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Mark Bastian

multiple myeloma coach since 2023

My name is Mark, I am 65 years old. My husband Rodd & I live in San Miguel de Allende MX. In April 2022 I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma by my doctor here in Mexico. Went through 4 months of treatment. In August of 2022, we traveled to Nashville TN to the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute to begin the process of Stem Cell Transplant. September 2nd I had my transplant. We stayed in Nashville to the beginning of October. We then traveled back to San Miguel. I am happy to report my transplant was a success. I am cancer cell free & myeloma free. Back at the gym, back to cooking & baking that I love so much. My background is in the baking industry. My life today is better than I could have imagined a year ago. Yes, I am a bit slower, do experience some back issues but it's nothing compared to where I was. I am so grateful for today. My husband Rodd just came back from a 6 week, 7,635 mile tour of the US. We called it "Remission Tour 2023". We visited family, my children & our grandsons. It was truly wonderful and beat expectation. Plus, I felt great on this trip. We met with my doctors in Nashville as well for a follow up great lab results. Having Multiple Myeloma was not easy, some of the worst days in my life. I am so grateful for the great doctors, nurses who treated me, the love and support I received from friends & family, mostly from the care I received from my husband Rodd. Could not have walked through this without him. When I found out I had Multiple Myeloma I void I would remain positive as possible, take this serious, ask for help, keep a sense of humor. All this help me in so many ways.

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