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Myeloma Crowd Round Table Review: NYC – May 5, 2018
Posted: Jun 05, 2018
Myeloma Crowd Round Table Review: NYC – May 5, 2018 image

On May 5,  2018, a Myeloma Crowd Round Table meeting was held in New York, NY featuring six myeloma experts, including:

  • Dr. Ruben Niesvizky, MD, New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell Medical Center
  • Dr. Suzanne Lentzsch, Columbia University Medical Center
  • Dr. Jens Hillengass, Roswell Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY
  • Dr. Markus Mapara, Columbia University Medical Center
  • Dr. Divaya Bhutani, Columbia University Medical Center
  • Dr. Ran Reshef, Columbia University Medical Center

Ruben Niesvizky, MD: Multiple Myeloma Biological Insights

Dr. Niesvizky talks about the history of multiple myeloma, and the pathology and development of the disease.

Suzanne Lentzsch, MD PhD: Bone Disease and Multiple Myeloma

With all the new myeloma treatments, we often forget the bone disease that often accompanies the condition. Dr. Lentzsch talks about how myeloma affects the bones, including MGUS and smoldering myeloma and the treatment of bone disease.

Divaya Bhutani, MD: Multiple Myeloma – Right Therapy Strategy

Myeloma treatment has changed dramatically since the early 2000s. Dr. Bhutani talks about what factors are taken into consideration when determining the right treatment for each patient.

Markus Mapara, MD PhD: Transplants for Multiple Myeloma

Transplant has long been a mainstay of myeloma treatment. Dr Mapara explains today’s research on the role of auto and allo transplants for newly diagnosed patients and the value of a second transplant.

Ran Reshef, MD: CAR-T Cells Meet Myeloma

CAR-T cells are one of the most exciting recent immunotherapy developments in multiple myeloma. Dr. Reshef explains how engineered CAR-T cell therapies can help us fight multiple myeloma better than our own bodies can on their own and the future of CAR-T treatments.

Jens Hillengass, MD: Imaging in Multiple Myeloma Treatment

Dr. Hillengass teaches how imaging influences the treatment of multiple myeloma and how imaging research is moving into clinical practice to improve myeloma treatment.

Expert Panel Q&A on Multiple Myeloma (Morning Session)

Multiple Myeloma experts Divaya Bhutani MD, Suzanne Lentzsch MD PhD, and Ruben Niesvizky MD answer questions from the audience during the morning session of the Myeloma Crowd Round Table in New York. Topics covered include:

  • 0:11 Is daratumumab recommended for maintenance therapy?
  • 3:32 Do you use triplet therapies after first relapse? How aggressively do you treat relapsed/refractory myeloma?
  • 11:32 Do you ever see myeloma cycle between low and high risk?
  • 18:17 I have MGUS and some symptoms of myeloma. Should I get bone biopsies?
  • 19:02 I had x-rays but not bone marrow biopsies. Will insurance cover biopsy?
  • 21:22 Will treating smoldering myeloma before the disease progresses make the disease more aggressive? How do you decide when to treat smoldering myeloma?
  • 25:27 Are trials for smoldering myeloma taking into account high vs. low risk features?
  • 25:52 What criteria makes someone with smoldering myeloma high risk?
  • 26:37 What is a healthy diet for multiple myeloma?
  • 32:22 Should patients who are MRD negative skip transplant and go right to maintenance therapy?

Expert Panel Q&A on Multiple Myeloma (Afternoon Session)

Multiple Myeloma experts Jens Hillengass MD, Ran Reshef MD, Markus Mapara MD PhD, and Suzanne Lentzsch MD PhD answer questions from the audience during the afternoon session of the Myeloma Crowd Round Table in New York. Topics covered include:

  • 0:11 Should we worry about the radiation from all the x-rays, CT scans and PET scans?
  • 2:32 Would there be an advantage in alternating Xgeva and bisphosphonates?
  • 8:13 If CAR-T stays in your system for years to fight tumors, how can patients relapse? What is the CAR-T Mortality rate? Can we use imaging for ONJ?
  • 13:00 What do you do for patients who can no longer afford Revlimid?
  • 15:49 Should transplant be done after relapse within 6 months after treatment?
  • 16:06 Can you talk about combining BCMA and CAR-T and going after multiple targets?
  • 18:05 Can you describe what we’re hearing about armored CAR-T cells?
  • 21:04 What is it about myeloma that makes it different from other cancers and so difficult to cure?


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