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Stronger Together - The Success of Our September 2020 Challenge
Posted: Oct 05, 2020
Stronger Together - The Success of Our September 2020 Challenge image

September was Blood Cancer Awareness month, a time we come together to commit to increasing public awareness of these diseases and work to access better treatments, support and resources. This September we came together as a Multiple Myeloma community and dedicated our month of physical activity, sharing information, support and inspiring stories. 


Our goal was to complete 350,000 minutes of physical activity in 30 days and we blew it out of the water! As a myeloma community we came in 106% of our goal at 372,242 total active minutes. Activities like walking, biking, yoga, weight lifting, boxing, running, swimming, and paddle boarding. Patients and caregivers came together in support and encouragement. Knowing they had the group working alongside them helped many get up and complete their activity goals, many this was the start back they needed. 

When we focus on being “Stronger Together” it doesn’t mean one isn’t strong on their own. Each patient and caregiver shows how strong they are daily in their fight, but with a community of warriors beside them it brings a sense of confidence in the fight. Together we can accomplish so much more, faster than we can alone. How fast we reached our goal of 350,000 minutes would take one year to accomplish alone, but together we did it in just a few short weeks.

Our community really shined this month and here’s a few things they have to say about their experience. 

“I really enjoyed this challenge, not only did it help me improve my health, but realize that a disease cannot define who you are. I learned that every step is a milestone and I am glad that I took this journey with everyone. Thank you!”

“Challenge yourself and don’t stop moving. Listen to your body: sometimes it wants a nap and sometimes it wants a marathon- be well all! We’ve got this”

“Thank you so much. We made it “Stronger Together”, and keep fighting my fellow MM warriors.” 

“Thank you for creating this challenge for patients and caregivers. We all agree that this is inspirational and brings together MM families while getting stronger for the fight of our lives. Let’s keep going, don’t stop.”

“This whole experience, from sign up day to crossing the finish line on Day #30 was AWESOME!  My outlook is brighter because of it. My confidence is soaring!” 

We are not in this fight alone. 

It’s been found that physical activity is beneficial for patients with fatigue, aiding in better sleep and a reduction in pain. Regular exercise helps with better muscle tone, improved balance, and stronger immune system. As a community we grew together through sweating together but apart. We built stronger lungs, muscles, and mental strength together. Thank you Myeloma Community for coming together, and being raw in your stories, pushing through hard days and encouraging on good days. Together we will be stronger in this fight against cancer. 

During our challenge 247 participants qualified for the $100 amazon gift card raffle.  We would like to congratulate our 20 gift card winners:

  • Nancy E
  • Meg F
  • Brenda M
  • Mick P
  • Dhiru P
  • John B
  • Christine G
  • Carri O
  • Deb B
  • Neri C
  • Virginia P
  • Irene A
  • Noelani V
  • Kimberly P
  • Mary L
  • Jo Ann N
  • Sandra G
  • Cecilia B
  • Deanna B
  • Ann H

Coming in with at least 25 days of activity out of 30 days for the challenge, we had 172 participants qualify for the Apple Watch Raffle.  We are super excited to announce the 3 winners of that draw:

  • Rita T
  • Angela H
  • Max T 


Thanks to our Muscles for Myeloma sponsors:

Sanofi         Adaptive Technologies.       


The author Lora Jensen

about the author
Lora Jensen

Lora is an Editorial Contributor for the Myeloma Crowd and proud mom of 6 kids and 5 grandkids. In addition to supporting myeloma patients, she loves creating fun parties and activities for her grandkids to enjoy.

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