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Myeloma Research with Real-World Data - Adeel Khan, MD
Posted: Apr 25, 2024
Myeloma Research with Real-World Data - Adeel Khan, MD image

Watch below our interview with Adeel Khan, MD, from the UT Southwestern Harold C. Simmons Cancer Center. He discusses the center's broad myeloma research program and its focus on improving patient outcomes. Doctor Khan is mostly focused on myeloma epidemiology (the average risk of getting multiple myeloma), and he is working with HealthTreeFoundation's Patient Data Portal to study the real impact of myeloma on patients' daily lives.

The Impact of Myeloma on Your Sexual Health

Dr. Khan is partnering with HealthTree to study areas reported by patients that are problematic. One of these areas is sexual outcomes.

  • Click HERE to watch a prerecorded event on “Maintaining And Communicating Your Sexual Wellness”. 

Real-World Data on Myeloma Natural History

According to Dr. Khan, real-world data is also of interest to researchers to analyze patient results during their journey from diagnosis to death. Read some examples of this type of research:

Is There an Overuse of Proteasome Inhibitors?

Dr. Khan and the team recently presented new data on the real-world use of bortezomib compared to what was reported in clinical trials. The study indicates that once-weekly bortezomib is associated with similar efficacy and fewer toxicities compared to twice-weekly bortezomib. Therefore, the researchers suggest that once-weekly bortezomib should be considered as the standard-of-care regimen for newly diagnosed patients with multiple myeloma.

Find out more about this study here: Real-World Velcade Prescribing Patterns and Outcomes in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma.

Your Voice Matters in Research

If you want to participate in similar studies, take action today! By actively participating in research through the HealthTree Cure Hub, you contribute directly to developing new and improved treatments for myeloma. This benefits you and your fellow patients today and paves the way for a future with better outcomes for everyone diagnosed with multiple myeloma.


The author Lisa Foster

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Lisa Foster

Lisa Foster is a mom of 3 daughters, a puzzle lover, writer and HealthTree advocate. She believes in the mission of the foundation and the team that builds it forward. She calls Houston, Texas home. 

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