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Global Multiple Myeloma Drug Market & Pipeline Insight 2015. And One Powerful Way Patients Can Get Involved
Posted: May 31, 2015
Global Multiple Myeloma Drug Market & Pipeline Insight 2015. And One Powerful Way Patients Can Get Involved image

The number of patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma are increasing across the globe. Presently, the available therapeutics are unable to offer effective clinical benefits. Multiple myeloma chemotherapy options shows modest success but better options are needed. Surgery and radiation are often ineffective and they are not always viable for many patients. Pharmaceutical companies are investing more funds in the research and development segment for multiple myeloma. As a result, investigators would be able to screen more lead molecules for their safety and efficacy in multiple myeloma. Innovative treatments are being studied in clinical trial and they are expected to yield significant results in the years ahead. Technological advancements along with rising funding levels is expected to increase the rate of innovations for the development of multiple myeloma drugs. As a result, their pipeline is expected to become strong and more clinical trials across the globe are expected to begin. Positive outcomes are expected from these clinical trials due to which volume of multiple myeloma therapeutics is going to increase. Simultaneously, sales are also expected to increase due to profit erosion of presently available treatments and medicines. Additionally, more patients have the ability to pay for such treatments. For more information, click here. How The Myeloma Community Can Be Part Of The Solution The Myeloma Crowd Research Initiative (MCRI) is set to become a critical part of bridging the funding gap and help find a cure (and better treatments) for multiple myeloma. MCRI is a new approach to funding cancer research that combines the skill and knowledge of leading myeloma specialists with the patient perspective and supportive patient social communities. Together, we will select and fund promising research projects in myeloma. The goal of the MCRI is to find and fund a cure for multiple myeloma. To date, we have received 10 top-notch proposals that could potentially be curative for high-risk disease (and as patients relapse and disease progresses, every myeloma will become high risk!). The MCRI radio show is in the process of interviewing each doctor about their proposal, and in July, a panel of experts will select the top proposals to fund. We will keep you posted.  Our fundraising efforts will begin in earnest this summer and we will keep you updated on how you can help in this critically important endeavor. In the meantime, this is what we need you to do: Set up your personal Team Page. We don’t need you to raise funds yet, or to communicate to your network of friends, family and supporters– that will all come later this summer. Setting up your team (and that’s all we need you to do today) takes just a few minutes and is super easy. To do this:

  • Click here or go to and look for the colorful box at the top of the page that says BUILD A TEAM TODAY.
  • Once you’re there, select the blue box on the left side of the page that says BUILD A TEAM and create your login. Here you can also customize your page by adding a photo, your story, or anything else. You will also select your fundraising goal. Consider making it a stretch goal. There are great incentives for teams that earn $5,000 or higher, including TUMI luggage, a Tiffany necklace, and even an Apple laptop computer.

That’s it- you’re done!  

The author Lizzy Smith

about the author
Lizzy Smith

Lizzy Smith was diagnosed with myeloma in 2012 at age 44. Within days, she left her job, ended her marriage, moved, and entered treatment. "To the extent I'm able, I want to prove that despite life's biggest challenges, it is possible to survive and come out stronger than ever," she says.

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