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EHA: Gene Expression Profiling SKY92 Test Validated in Multiple Myeloma
Posted: Jun 28, 2018
EHA: Gene Expression Profiling SKY92 Test Validated in Multiple Myeloma image

At the recent European Hematology Association 23th Annual Congress (EHA) in Stockholm, Sweden, data showed that the gene expression profiling test (called SKY92) from SkylineDX was important tool to risk-stratify patients with Multiple Myeloma. 

Knowing your myeloma genetics is important at diagnosis and at relapse. Myeloma patients can present with several types of myeloma at diagnosis and those myeloma genetics can change over time.

The SKY92 gene expression profiling test can identify whether patients are high risk or not. The presence of high risk features could impact the type of therapy that is given. To study this, several clinical trials are investigating risk-stratified treatment strategies to address the unmet medical need of high-risk multiple myeloma as it remains a tremendous treatment challenge today.

Data from the MMRF's CoMMpass trial and patient data from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) were used to assess risk at diagnosis and relapse in the same patients. 

In the CoMMPass study the SKY92 test was used to determine that 17% of patients were high-risk at diagnosis and 40% of patients were high-risk at relapse. The data from the 632 patients was then matched with RNA-Sequencing data (from another genomics test). The high risk determination of the SKY92 test was confirmed and it also identified that approximately 28% of patients can be identified by SKY92 combined with ISS as a low-risk group with 94% overall survival at 36 months.

“With the confirmation that SKY92 can be applied to RNA-Seq data we made tremendous progress in the availability of this superior biomarker on independent platforms, making it available to even more patients in the future,” said Dharminder S. Chahal, Chief Executive Officer of SkylineDx. “This is much needed as the percentage of SKY92 high-risk patients significantly increases following disease progression making continuous informed treatment decisions and clinical research necessary to improve outcomes for these patients.”

The MMprofilerTM assesses risk by measuring the activity of 92 MM-related genes that make up SKY92, SkylineDx’s  prognostic gene classifier.

If you are newly diagnosed or have relapsed and have active disease, ask your doctor if you should have this test performed.  For more information, please visit


The author Erika Johnson

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Erika Johnson

Myeloma Crowd Editorial Contributor, Nursing student, and cancer advocate.

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