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What is the Myeloma Coach Program?
Posted: Jan 10, 2020
What is the Myeloma Coach Program? image



January is National Mentoring Month which is the perfect month to highlight our Myeloma Coach program!

The Myeloma Coach program is a free program focused on helping patients find and use the best myeloma resources. We understand that having multiple myeloma is not easy so we've put together a team of myeloma patient and caregiver volunteers who can help you. Whether that means helping you find a myeloma specialist, learning about financial resources, or using online tools that can help you live longer and better with multiple myeloma.

Myeloma Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds. Coaches may be a myeloma patient themselves, a caregiver, adult child or an extended family member of a myeloma patient. Each Coach has played a role in a myeloma journey whether their own or with someone they care about. Myeloma Coach Director, Rozalynn Hite recently wrote an article highlighting "Top 10 Reasons To Work with a Myeloma Coach" and how important a Coach can be for a patient. 

While their roles may be different, each have traveled the road of myeloma, with all of its twists and turns. They have experienced the shock and disbelief upon diagnosis. They have felt the flood of emotions and feelings of being completely overwhelmed with an instant outpouring of medical information, genetics, labs, and treatment options. They have searched for reliable resources, a myeloma specialist, ways to combat treatment side effects, or for financial resources and support. They may have been involved in making preparations for stem cell transplant. 

How to Find a Coach?

Remember, the Myeloma Coach program is completely free. All Coaches willingly volunteer their time to help patients like you! Many are myeloma patients, others are caregivers, scattered across the nation ready to help. To learn more from a couple who benefited from working with a Myeloma Coach, check out Glori and Terry's story below: 

We Love our Myeloma Coaches: Glori and Terry Traeder's Story

Find a Myeloma Coach


How to Become a Coach?

If you are a myeloma patient or caregiver who wants to give back and volunteer at least 8 hours per month for up to a year, join us and become a Myeloma Coach. Myeloma Coaches will be trained to help patients learn where they can go to find the best and most helpful resources. We have had numerous coaches state how rewarding this opportunity has been for them. Click an article below for a sneak peek into the life as a Myeloma Coach: 

Who Am I Now? I'm a Myeloma Coach

Why We Became Myeloma Coaches: Brian and Elise Martin

Being a Myeloma Coach: Jim Lubinsky

How Service Helps Me Deal with Multiple Myeloma and Why I'm a Myeloma Coach

Meet Myeloma Coach Carol Calcitrai: Her Story and How HealthTree Can Benefit All Myeloma Patients


Become or find a Myeloma Coach


- - - 

January is Myeloma Crowd Month! In the coming weeks, we are highlighting each of our programs and how they can help you in your myeloma journey. For more information about a specific program, please email 

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