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What You Need to Know About Starting Myeloma Treatment
Posted: May 02, 2023
What You Need to Know About Starting Myeloma Treatment  image

HealthTree University: Starting Myeloma Treatment

In the world of cancer treatment, multiple myeloma has always been a tough disease. Treatment changes and improves over time, which is why we have updated our starting myeloma treatment course. While the course is still in beta and doesn't have animations yet, it covers all the important updated information that patients need to know when starting treatment. Topics covered include questions such as, when should treatment start? What is induction therapy? and What are myeloma markers?

Overall, this updated course is a great resource for both patients and caregivers. It covers everything you need to know about starting treatment and dealing with myeloma on a day-to-day basis. Watch the first couple of lessons in the links provided below and watch the full course at HealthTree University.

8.01    When Should a Patient Consider Starting Treatment?


8.02    Should Frailty and Functional Status be Assessed Before Treatment is Started? How is it Assessed?


8.03    What is Induction Therapy?


8.04    What Induction Therapies should Newly Diagnosed Standard Risk Transplant Eligible Patients Consider?


We’d like to thank our faculty who donated their time in creating these videos, including:

  • Adam Cohen, MD
  • Meera Mohan, MD, MS, FACP
  • Craig Hofmeister, MD, MPH
  • Krina Patel, MD, MSc
  • Joshua Richter, MD
  • Hira Mian, MD, MSc
  • Aaron Rosenberg, MD, MS
  • Ajai Chari, MD
  • Jeffrey Zonder, MD
  • Ola Landgren, MD, PhD

Want more?

We have over 500 HealthTree University videos online at HealthTree University! Learn the basics (and the not-so-basics) of myeloma from some of the top myeloma doctors in the world!


The author Cynthia Chmielewski

about the author
Cynthia Chmielewski

Cynthia (Cindy) Chmielewski is a professional educator and myeloma advocate. As a former teacher, she now teaches myeloma patients how to advocate for themselves as the Director of HealthTree University. You can follow her on Twitter @myelomateacher

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