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Myeloma Crowd Round Table Expert Videos: Buffalo -- November 2, 2019
Posted: Jan 01, 2020
Myeloma Crowd Round Table Expert Videos: Buffalo -- November 2, 2019 image

On November 2, 2019, a Myeloma Crowd Round Table meeting was held in Buffalo, New York at the Hyatt Place Niagara Falls featuring four myeloma experts, including:

    • Dr. Matthew Drake, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
    • Dr. Jens Hillengass, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Buffalo, NY
    • Dr. Philip McCarthy, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Buffalo, NY
    • Dr. Saad Usmani, Levine Cancer Institute, Charlotte, NC
Your Multiple Myeloma



Dr. Jens Hillengass discuses how diagnostic testing establishes a treatment baseline, as well as the importance of imaging and knowledge of genetics and clonal heterogeneity.
How Physicians Make Myeloma Treatment Decisions



Dr. Philip McCarthy presents on standard induction treatment, the standards of supportive care, and stem cell transplantation.
Understanding Response to Myeloma Treatment



Dr. Saad Usmani helps patients understand standard response assessment and the role of free light chain (FLC) testing. He also discusses minimal residual disease (MRD) for both patients and researchers.
Myeloma Expert Panel Q&A--Morning Session



  • 0:08 What is immune profiling?
  • 2:32 What are the current criteria for receiving immunizations after transplant (e.g. Shingrix)? 
  • 4:18 What is the relationship between multiple myeloma and pure red cell aplasia?
  • 5:47 I was diagnosed with red cell aplasia after treatment
  • 7:17 Is a lesion a tumor?
  • 9:37 I’m in my 3rd series for HEP-B, is that enough?
  • 11:01 What do you think about the effectiveness of Revlimid/Lenalidomide?
  • 12:25 At what age is stem cell therapy recommended?
  • 13:45 Is there a relationship between sickle cell anemia and multiple myeloma? Why is the incidence rate of myeloma higher in African Americans?
  • 16:31 Isn’t sickle cell anemia prominent in the Mediterranean area as well? How do these genetics affect outcome?
  • 18:38 Does P53 deletion cause myeloma or does myeloma cause the deletion?
  • 20:01 My 17p deletion is gone now that my cancer is in remission. Will it come back when I relapse?
  • 20:49 When you go on a medication like bisphosphonates, once you stop do you ever need to go back on it?
  • 22:06 Is there a test to tell if bisphosphonates have worn off and you need to restart?
  • 24:33 What is it like treating a newly diagnosed patient today, compared to when you started treating myeloma?
It's Not Just Myeloma--Bone and Adrenal Health



Dr. Matthew Drake discusses the necessity of Dexamethasone and other steroids, as well as bone disease, fracture, and treatment.
Treating Relapsed/Refractory Myeloma Patients



Dr. Jens Hillengass presents on standard- and high-risk disease, options for early and late relapse, and emerging new treatments.
Myeloma Immunotherapies: Experimental or Essential?



Dr. Philip McCarthy defines immunotherapy and teaches about antibody treatment. He also advises about CAR T cells and other developing immunotherapies.
Myeloma Expert Panel Q&A--Afternoon Session
  • 0:08 Can taking collagen or bone broth help your bones?
  • 0:35 Can you talk about the bone destruction that may occur if you stop taking denosumab?
  • 3:45 So if I’ve had one denosumab injection, I should keep taking it?
  • 3:57 I’m in remission. Are the growing myeloma cells doing damage to my bones right now?
  • 6:21 I’m in remission. In the absence of symptoms should I still get imaging to check my bones?
  • 7:51 At relapse, do you watch and wait until the disease completely comes back or do you treat more aggressively?
  • 9:29 My wife has myeloma, her mother had MGUS. Should I and my children be screened?
  • 12:47 My sister died of AML and I have myeloma. Is there any relationship between the two diseases?
  • 14:42 I have a 1Q Gain, what does that mean for me?
  • 17:58 Is CAR-T research being done at Roswell Park or Mayo Clinic for myeloma? How do I get into a CAR-T trial? When will they be approved? How are they different from allo CAR-Ts?
  • 20:06 Are there other genetic tests other than FISH?
  • 22:26 Today does more advanced genetic testing in clinical practice make any difference?
  • 23:37 Is testing for abnormal chromosomes a common test for all patients? Is the test done on blood or bone marrow?
  • 23:56 If you’re considering allo transplant should you consider CAR-T cell therapy instead?
  • 25:56 My husband’s disease has come back in 11 months should he consider an allo transplant?


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