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2023 HealthTree Moves for Myeloma Winners
Posted: Apr 13, 2023
2023 HealthTree Moves for Myeloma Winners image

For the month of March we all moved together for the HealthTree Moves for Myeloma 30-Day Fitness Challenge to celebrate Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month. 

We had 479 participants who joined the challenge to complete 505,891 minutes of collective exercise. 

HealthTree Moves for Myeloma Prizes

Each HealthTree Moves for Myeloma participant that exercised at least 20 out of the 31 days will receive a pair of socks with our HealthTree logo. Additionally, two categories of raffle prize winners were chosen randomly. To qualify for the Cotopaxi fanny pack, participants had to exercise for 25 out of the 31 days. To qualify for the Cotopaxi backpack, participants had to exercise for 30 out of the 31 days. 

Cotopaxi Fannypack Winners

The following individuals have been randomly selected to receive a Cotopaxi fanny pack: 

  • Frank C.
  • Carri O.
  • Maureen F.
  • Diane K.
  • Nichole B.
  • Pamela C.
  • Julie F.
  • Jocelynn Ro.
  • Anita E.
  • James M.
  • Jillian P.
  • Linda
  • Linda T.
  • Nicole M.
  • Suzanne N.
  • Marianne D.
  • Jill Z.
  • Carolyn D.
  • Catrina R.
  • Mary L.
  • Julie H.
  • Virginia M.
  • John C.
  • Avani P.
  • Debra S.

Cotopaxi Backpack Winners

The following 5 individuals were randomly selected to receive the Cotopaxi backpack:

  • Merton B.
  • Line S.
  • Don A.
  • Naomi P.
  • Iris C.


It was so fun to see your incredible pictures and read your inspirational posts. It definitely helped me get up and move. I look forward to many more events in the future! 

Fitness matters to everyone, but it’s especially important for myeloma patients. The more active patients are the more they are able to tolerate therapies, which can lead to lasting outcomes. We hope to encourage both patients and caregivers to join us and build healthier habits. Remember, exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, attitude and mood.  Let’s improve our outcomes, and health while we get moving with HealthTree Moves for Myeloma! 

We are so grateful for the support of everyone who participated, and look forward to continually having challenges and groups on our HealthTree Moves app. Watch for the next challenge in September 2023 during Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

If you completed the challenge, but did not receive an email requesting your mailing address please email

Thanks to our HealthTree Moves sponsor:


The author Michelle Peterson

about the author
Michelle Peterson

Michelle is a myeloma survivor, she joined HealthTree in 2021 because she wanted to give back and support others in their fight for a cure. 

In her spare time she loves to hike, camp and play around with refinishing furniture. 

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