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Building Habits with Consistency
Posted: Feb 02, 2022
Building Habits with Consistency  image

Sometimes the hardest part of getting into the routine of exercise is simply that, consistently committing yourself to exercise. The biggest challenge can be working out consistently. There’s always other things that come up and make for easy excuses. 

“I’m too busy” is often the most common excuse for not making it happen. While it is absolutely true that you are very busy. It’s important to remember that you will make time for what is important to you. 

I’m tired/fatigued” this is 100% true, especially when facing side effects of treatments and medications. By making a small routine of getting in some exercise each day can help reduce some of the fatigue you experience. 

“I don’t know where to start” it’s important to start small. There is no need to try every exercise type all at once, or start with large time commitments. Start with just a short walk a few times a week, then progressing goals from there. 


It’s important that no matter where you are in your plan to become more physically active or start a routine here are some strategies you can work on to be more consistent. 

Don’t overcommit

Make a smaller commitment in what your goals are. If it’s overwhelming to exercise 5x per week, then start with 3. It can become overwhelming as you try to work it into a busy schedule or if you’re having a lot of fatigue. Start small with the number of days and time each day. 

Make it a Lifestyle 

Build goals that aren’t just for a season, but can be for a lifetime. There will always be ups and downs on this journey, so work to build a mindset around your goals that you want to continue and stick to. 

Do the best you can in making your goals happen, but know that one workout isn’t going to make or break your results. 

Put it on Your Schedule

Plan your exercise into your schedule. Things that are important to you will become your priority, as you prioritize getting in movement it’ll become easier to commit to your goals. 

If you are a morning person, plan it into your morning routine. If you are a night owl, don’t plan your exercise for the morning, or it will not happen. 

Share it Out Loud

When you tell someone, or share your goals out loud it brings a level of accountability to getting it done. When we say/share it helps shape our mindset around making it happen. 

Practice saying out loud to yourself the following things: 

I can do it. 

I will get better. 

I am strong. 

I will reach my goals. 

Take note of how it makes you feel when you share positive thoughts. Remember, no two thoughts can remain in your mindset at the same time. If you focus on the negative that’s how you will feel. When you focus on the positive it will shift how you think and what you will accomplish from there. 


Having someone to keep you accountable- either to participate with you or keep you engaged and supported. It’s essential to your success to have someone encouraging you along. Sharing your goals, and intentions can keep you engaged in your focus. If you don’t have someone to join in with you, find groups to connect with and keep you accountable. 

Actually Prepare

When you are prepared it eliminates the use of excuses. Prep your gym bag the night before, lay out your clothes you need ahead of time, make sure the things you need to do your exercise are ready to go. When we aren’t prepared and end up rushed in the morning we often eliminate the cause of the stress which is doing the exercise. By being prepared we can eliminate stressors. 

Keep It Simple

The best way to set yourself up for consistency is to keep it simple. There is no need to over complicate exercises, nutrition or your schedule. Map it out so that your exercise fits into your routine, keep yourself prepared, count the wins and make sure it’s something you enjoy. 

What I hope you can learn from this or from our Fitness Challenges, is that it doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. Keep it simple, do what you can, and find joy in what you do. Start small and find your way from there. Keep up the good work! 

Just remember, you got this.


The author Linnley Sweeney

about the author
Linnley Sweeney

Linnley joined HealthTree in January 2020 as the Fitness Events Manager. Her husband is a childhood cancer survivor as well as a cancer biologist. Finding a cure, better treatments, and balance through treatments is what drives their family. Linnley is an Advanced Cancer Exercise Specialist and focuses on finding what you can do rather than can't.

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