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Barbara Covington's Multiple Myeloma Story
Posted: Jul 16, 2021
Barbara Covington's Multiple Myeloma Story image

My testimonial is more about my experience with a terminal illness during what to me was a deadly pandemic because of my non-functioning immune system. Initially, I was sure I would not live through treatment for my illness and Covid-19. Only prayer and my God lifted me to hope and belief in His Masterful, Mighty powers.

I used to wonder how I would react if I was told I had a terminal illness. How would I spend the time I was told I had yet to live? Well, I had figured out what my diagnosis was before my oncologist actually confirmed it, and we sat down to review the results of my diagnostic testing. I had Multiple Myeloma, Stage 2; prognosis poor.

My first thoughts were, how do I tell my husband, my son; and the rest of my close-knit family? We all cried, prayed, and pulled together. My dear friends have been so supportive. I didn't realize how much I was loved. God sent a special angel into my life with a prayer for healing. My sisters and I sent the prayer to family and friends and asked them to please say the prayer every day on my behalf. Since that time we have meditated on the prayer daily, not only for me but for others.

The Lord is good and His mercy is everlasting. He has brought me to 100% remission. I needed five million stem cells extracted from my bone marrow to undergo a stem cell transplant. God allowed my body to give fifteen million on the first try. He has seen me through the transplant and I am healing with His Grace and Mercy.

Dr. Barbara Buchanan Covington

The author Lora Jensen

about the author
Lora Jensen

Lora is an Editorial Contributor for the Myeloma Crowd and proud mom of 6 kids and 5 grandkids. In addition to supporting myeloma patients, she loves creating fun parties and activities for her grandkids to enjoy.

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