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Join the Myeloma Coach Team and Find Support and Resources.
Posted: Mar 04, 2021
Join the Myeloma Coach Team and Find Support and Resources. image

The HealthTree Myeloma Crowd is focused on building a robust multiple myeloma community that is educated enough to support one another, and lift each other where we stand.   

Education and support are key for everyone with myeloma as well as their caregivers. The HealthTree foundation offers a variety of ways and options to learn more about myeloma. You can learn directly from myeloma specialists through self-paced, online HealthTree University courses. Or, you can attend a Myeloma Crowd Round Table Webcast or Myeloma Crowd Radio Show and listen live to myeloma specialists.   

Although education and information are readily available, sometimes it can be a challenge to sort through it all. It may be helpful to have someone to talk to and assist in gathering the most pertinent information/resources and use that information to help guide you in seeking out the best treatment and living a full life with myeloma. If you feel isolated, alone, or overwhelmed by all there is to learn with a Myeloma Coach can help!

Myeloma Coaches are each a myeloma patient or caregiver themselves who are motivated to learn and educate themselves about myeloma. They can help you find and access the education and resources that you need at each particular phase of your myeloma journey. Having experienced myeloma themselves they can provide personal support, encouragement, and help you begin to advocate for yourself.

The Myeloma Coach program began in 2019 and since that time has connected hundreds of myeloma patients with a Coach for personalized support. The program is free, there is no cost to participate. All Coaches volunteer their time to give back and help make it easier for others dealing with myeloma. You can register and view all available Coaches on our website:  

To learn more from a couple who benefited from working with a Myeloma Coach, check out Glori and Terry's story below: 

We Love our Myeloma Coaches: Glori and Terry Traeder's Story

If you are a myeloma patient or caregiver who wants to give back and volunteer at least 8 hours per month for up to a year, join us and become a Myeloma Coach. Myeloma Coaches receive training to help patients learn where they can go to find the best and most helpful resources. We have had numerous Coaches state how rewarding this opportunity has been for them. Click an article below for a sneak peek into the life as a Myeloma Coach: 

Who Am I Now? I'm a Myeloma Coach

Why We Became Myeloma Coaches: Brian and Elise Martin

Being a Myeloma Coach: Jim Lubinsky

Benefits of Self Advocacy and Service to Others:  Patrick Kelley

Our Myeloma Coach team always has room for more. Whether you are seeking support from a peer with myeloma, or have myeloma experience to share as a Coach. Join our Team!  As we connect together we can extend the reach of support to all who need it.  



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The author Rozalynn Hite

about the author
Rozalynn Hite

Rozalynn Hite is the HealthTree Coach Director and wife of myeloma patient Richard Hite. Rozalynn is an occupational therapist and mother of three beautiful children.

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