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HealthTree 2.0 Pillar Two: Meaningful Patient to Patient Connections
Posted: Sep 08, 2023
HealthTree 2.0 Pillar Two: Meaningful Patient to Patient Connections image

As I look back on the past eight years supporting my husband since his diagnosis with blood cancer I recognize the process we went through to get where we are today. At diagnosis, we were terrified and completely unaware of what we were about to face. 

As we became educated we sought out a second opinion and the best treatment options. Education and information gave us more peace and direction. We were soon eager to talk with and connect with other patients and caregivers to learn from them.

Those connections provided comfort and personalized support. We were then ready to give back and got involved in fundraising for a cure. 

HealthTree recognizes this is a common path many blood cancer patients and caregivers travel.  We have created tools and programs for each phase of the AML journey.  

The Purpose of Meaningful Patient-to-Patient Connections within HealthTree’s Model 

At HealthTree, we recognize the power of personal connection and have developed a suite of programs that offer meaningful patient-to-patient connections.  

When AML patients and caregivers connect with others they find comfort in knowing they are not alone, are able to support one another, and share key resources.  They enlarge their circle of influence and feel part of a community.    

As patients are educated and connected with others they feel empowered and want to be involved in moving forward and helping find a CURE.

HealthTree Programs within Pillar Two: Meaningful Patient-to-Patient Connections

There are a variety of HealthTree programs and tools that provide meaningful connections.

HealthTree MOVES

The HealthTree MOVES app brings patients and caregivers together to participate in fitness challenges held throughout the year. Participants can find support, encouragement, and community as they share their progress in becoming more fit and healthy.

HealthTree MOVES is run by blood cancer patient Michelle Peterson, who knows firsthand the impact health and fitness make on life. She makes the effort to personally get to know participants and encourage and motivate them in their personal fitness journey.

HealthTree Connect

HealthTree created its own social media tool to allow AML patients to find focused information.  

Individuals can post questions, share resources and personal experiences with others in the AML community. This tool is thoughtfully run and moderated by multiple team members with moderation by blood cancer patient Michelle Peterson and direction from blood cancer caregiver Rozalynn Hite. 

HealthTree Coach

The HealthTree Coach program provides personalized one-on-one support from AML patients and caregivers to others. Coaches share their personal AML experience and valuable resources to help others.

Coaches find meaning in sharing their experiences, and Coachees feel supported and empowered by knowing they are not alone.  The Coach program is led by blood cancer caregiver Rozalynn Hite.    

Invitation to Participate in the Future of AML

At HealthTree we believe no one should have to face AML alone. We encourage you to utilize the programs within Pillar Two to find connection, personalized support, and community. The next step is to become a part of the AML cure by participating in HealthTree Cure Hub's AML research.

You can learn about the new and improved HealthTree model, our goals, and how you can be involved in our upcoming HealthTree 2.0 event. Invite your friends & family and join us on October 23, 2023, to hear how you can get your best care and contribute to accelerating an AML cure.  

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The author Rozalynn Hite

about the author
Rozalynn Hite

Rozalynn is the HealthTree Coach Director and wife of blood cancer patient Richard Hite. Rozalynn is an occupational therapist and mother of three beautiful children.

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