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Cure Hub for AML

Stay ahead of your AML and help accelerate a cure.

At the HealthTree Foundation, we are dedicated to helping you fight AML. Cure Hub empowers you and your healthcare team with the knowledge you need to make key decisions.

We are dedicated to helping researchers cure our disease. Cure Hub connects the dots between you, other patients and top scientists to accelerate research towards a cure.

Enter Cure Hub

HealthTree was founded by Jenny, a patient like you

Why does every patient have to reinvent the wheel at diagnosis? Stop making life and death treatment decisions in a vacuum. Watch her story to find out how.

HealthTree was founded by Jenny, a patient like you

What if we shared our collective AML stories?

This idea captured the imagination of the Today Show who agrees that patients can help advance a cure by sharing their story. Our shared experiences can help advance patient care for better outcomes.

What if we shared our collective AML stories?

Patient Solutions

Find hundreds of different side effects with thousands of solutions in our Patient Solutions tool. It is crowdsourced, so all the information comes from patients just like you. By sharing your experiences we can all come together and help each other have a better quality of life.

Chat with others in our Community Forums

Now there’s a place to find and share knowledge on specific AML topics. Join the Community Forums to have more meaningful discussions with your AML peers.

Join The Conversation

Keep track of your AML

Get rid of your drawer of printed AML reports. Keep all of your information in a single place from multiple facilities. This includes your AML labs, genetic reports and other key markers. Find help understanding your labs and which numbers you should be watching so you can become your own best advocate.

Find treatment options just for you

AML patients have to frequently make treatment decisions. Learn how 25 of the top AML experts would treat you at each stage of therapy. Walk into your appointments prepared for shared decision making with your doctor.

Help accelerate AML research

Answer simple questions and join studies in HealthTree that help AML researchers gain new insights in weeks instead of years (for free). We can’t wait for a cure. Can you?

Connect with clinical trials

Clinical trials should always be considered as a treatment option. Together with SparkCures, we take more than 450 open AML clinical trials and reduce them to a manageable list that you are personally eligible to join.

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