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An Introduction to HealthTree University for AML
Posted: Jun 13, 2023
An Introduction to HealthTree University for AML image

Whether you are a newly diagnosed patient, a survivor, or a caregiver, trying to understand the world of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is like a full-time job. 

All of the new words and phrases can be overwhelming! That is why we created HeathTree University. HealthTree University is a free online resource for patients and their families to educate themselves on all things AML. To provide you with the best resources possible, we ask the top doctors in the world to explain all things AML.

These interviews are compiled into a database of resources designed to provide real answers to your real questions. Forget reading through lengthy scientific articles to try and find your answers. We have fast-tracked these answers to you by interviewing dozens of AML specialists and asking them hundreds of the most common questions about life with AML. 

Understanding the Disease 

You want the best treatment and care for yourself or for your loved one. HealthTree University is designed to streamline your search so that you can start asking your provider questions right away. Learning to ask the right questions is key to accessing treatment catered to you. 


How is AML Diagnosed?

Why is getting an AML diagnosis so complicated? There are many factors that go into an AML diagnosis and it can take multiple different tests before your doctors can give you a definite answer. What are these tests and why are they important? HealthTree University breaks down these questions so that you can know exactly what is going on during the diagnostic process.


Starting AML Treatment

Diving into treatment options can be a daunting task. Our resources provide a comprehensive breakdown of the different treatment options available to you as well as a database of the clinical trials you are eligible for. Many specialists recommend clinical trials if you are eligible as as a great way to get the latest treatment available to you.


You can watch the entire curriculum on HealthTree University.

We’d like to thank our faculty who donated their time in creating these videos, including:

  • David Rizzieri, MD
  • Brittany Ragon, MD
  • Joseph Jurcic, MD
  • Gabriel Mannis, MD
  • Thomas LeBlanc, MD
  • Eunice Wang, MD

Want more?

We have over 100 HealthTree University videos online at HealthTree University! Learn the basics (and the not-so-basics) of AML from some of the top AML doctors in the world!


The author Jacob Ahlstrom

about the author
Jacob Ahlstrom

Jacob is a writer on the HealthTree for AML team. He is passionate about spreading awareness for AML. Jacob is neuroscience graduate preparing to become a Physician Assistant.

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