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Diagnosing and Monitoring AML - HealthTree for AML Webinar
Posted: Jun 03, 2024
Diagnosing and Monitoring AML - HealthTree for AML Webinar image

AML can be a complicated disease to treat. Getting the correct testing done is crucial to creating a treatment plan well-suited to tackle your specific case of AML. In this webinar, hosted on May 14, 2024, by the HealthTree Foundation for AML, Dr. James Dugan from Novant Health Cancer Institute addresses this topic in a way that helped our community really digest what AML is and what information is most important in making sure you have an accurate diagnosis.

Understanding How AML Is Assessed

Dr. Dugan, a renowned expert in AML, walked us through all of the tests patients should have done in order to have a complete and accurate picture of what their specific case of AML looks like. His detailed explanations of each test report and how it impacted the overall diagnosis provided invaluable insights. 

Watch the full event to understand your lab results, learn what different mutations mean for your risk category, and hear Dr. Dugan’s tips for making your bone marrow biopsy as painless as possible.

Frequent Asked Questions About AML Diagnosis and Follow-Up Tests

During the Q&A session, Dr. Dugan answered the following questions from the audience:

  • [41:00] Can a karyotype fail, and if so, what does that mean? 
  • [41:50] When are we going to move past bone marrow biopsies?
  • [43:00] Do you have any tips for making the bone marrow biopsy less painful?
  • [45:00] Is the French-American-British (FAB) criteria still used after bone marrow biopsy to classify AML?
  • [46:30] Overall, how many bone marrow biopsies will I need during and after treatment?
  • [50:00] How often do you see your patients after their first remission?
  • [51:15] What should we be asking our doctors about our bone marrow biopsy results?

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The author Mary Arnett

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Mary Arnett

Mary joined HealthTree in 2022. She works as the AML/MDS Community & Education Manager. She is passionate about giving power to patients through knowledge and health education. If she can help one patient feel more confident participating in discussions with their healthcare team and making treatment decisions, she will feel like she has succeeded. When she isn't working, she loves being an aunt, attending concerts, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

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