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SoCal Myeloma Community Chapter: Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) clonoSEQ Testing- What Is It? How Can It Help You?
SoCal Myeloma Community Chapter: Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) clonoSEQ Testing- What Is It? How Can It Help You? image
Pacific Myeloma Community
event Apr 12, 2022 / 06:30PM - 08:00PM PDT

Event Description

The Southern California Myeloma Community Chapter invites you to join us to learn more about Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) clonoSEQ testing from Adaptive Biotechnologies. Our guest speaker is Mark Schleikelman, Senior Medical Science Liaison with Adaptive Biotechnologies. He will share details about the MRD clonoSEQ test -- what it is, why it is important, and resources you can use to advocate for the inclusion of this important test in your myeloma treatment plan.

Schedule & Agenda

Log In - Interactive, Virtual Mingle and Chat
SoCal Community Chapter Members
Welcome and Introductions
Audrey Burton-Bethke and Todd Kennedy
Getting to Know our SoCal Myeloma Community
Diane Kennedy
In an effort to connect our community, we will hear from one of our chapter members as they share their myeloma story. We will also conduct a short anonymous poll to learn years since diagnoses and disease status of those attending the meeting.
Presentation with Q&A: Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) clonoSEQ Testing- What Is It? How Can It Help You?
Mark Schleikelman, Senior Medical Science Liaison, Adaptive Biotechnologies
Virtual Mingle
SoCal Community Chapter Members

Speakers & Moderators

The panelist Audrey Burton-Bethke
Audrey Burton-Bethke

Audrey joined the HealthTree Foundation as the Myeloma Community Program Director in 2020. While not knowing much about myeloma at the start, she has since worked hard to educate herself, empathize and learn from others' experiences. She loves this job. Audrey is passionate about serving others, loves learning, and enjoys a nice mug of hot chocolate no matter the weather.

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The panelist Diane Kennedy
Diane Kennedy

Diane has been an active and engaged care partner with Todd, her husband, since he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2017. In January 2020 they retired to devote their time and talents as patient advocates, HealthTree coaches, and myeloma community leaders. They are committed to helping improve and advance cancer care for all patients and feel a collaborative, virtual support group is an excellent way to help educate and empower patients and their families. Diane and Todd have lived in Orange County, CA for over 25 years where they raised their two sons.

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The panelist Todd Kennedy
Todd Kennedy

Todd Kennedy was diagnosed with myeloma in 2017 and has become a tireless advocate for myeloma patients and research. His background includes over 30 years working in the pharmaceutical industry until he and his wife Diane retired from their respective first careers to devote their time and talents to strengthen the myeloma community. They collaborate with HealthTree and other trusted partners to educate and empower myeloma patients and caregivers and accelerate the arrival of cures.

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The panelist Mark Schliekelman
Mark Schliekelman

Experienced Medical Science Liaison with with deep understanding of Oncology and Pharmaceuticals . Skilled in Scientific Review, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Cell Culture, and Scientific Writing. Strong research professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Genetics and Molecular Biology from UNC Chapel Hill. I see my role: As identifying engaging and maintaining relationships with Key Opinion Leaders. To be a collaborative and supportive partner with business and research professionals. As a Medical Affairs Facilitator and subject matter expert with a demonstrated ability effectively communicate. To provide information that is clear, concise and clinically relevant. To ask provocative questions that challenge current assumptions. Provide thoughtful answers to queries and concerns. Give peer level support in ensuring well-run research and trials. I consider myself to be a person of integrity; principled, diplomatic, calm, thoughtful and reflective. I have a deep understanding of oncology and am able to go toe to toe with Key Opinion Leaders in an engaging scientific exchange.

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