Podcast: Digging Deeper Into the TP53 Mutation in AML with Dr. Rory Shallis, Yale New Haven
Posted: Jul 15, 2022
Podcast: Digging Deeper Into the TP53 Mutation in AML with Dr. Rory Shallis, Yale New Haven image

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HealthTree Podcast for AML Episode

Rory Shallis, MD
Yale Cancer Center
Interview Date: July 14, 2022

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Show Summary

The TP53 mutation in AML is considered to be a high risk mutation and occurs in approximately 5-10% of patients. This genetic mutation has been difficult to treat, often being chemoresistant with a poor prognosis, however, the research indicates progress is being made in this area. 

In this show, Dr. Rory Shallis, an AML expert from Yale Cancer Center, summarizes the TP53 mutation, the challenges it presents and the importance of clinical trials in the treatment of this mutation. Dr. Shallis covers several new drugs in development to consider as part of your treatment options available for this mutation.

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The author Kerith Amen

about the author
Kerith Amen

Kerith joined HealthTree Foundation as a Community Co-Director for AML in 2022. She is a mother to a spirited eight-year-old daughter, Adair, and their beloved rescue, Violet. She lost her best friend and husband, Rob, to AML in March 2018. Kerith wishes she had a resource such as HealthTree for AML during Rob’s illness. She is a strong supporter of HealthTree's mission. She hopes that by sharing her experience, she may help other patients and caregivers navigate an AML diagnosis.

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