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ASH 2023: ABBV-525, A New CLL Medicine in Clinical Trials
Posted: Jan 10, 2024
ASH 2023: ABBV-525, A New CLL Medicine in Clinical Trials image

Dr. Meghan Thompson from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center recently shared updates at the 2023 ASH conference about a new CLL medicine, a small-molecule MALT1 inhibitor called ABBV-525. This medicine is being administered to CLL patients whose disease has come back after prior treatments or stopped responding to prior treatments (also referred to as relapsed/refractory CLL). 

ABBV-525 has shown effective results in laboratory studies, and doctors look forward to the benefits it may bring to CLL patients now administering the medicine in a clinical trial setting. If CLL patients would like to join this clinical trial, they can learn more about how to enroll here. Here is an article about the benefits of participating in CLL clinical trials. 

Watch Dr. Thompson's interview below, or read the summary of her presentation. 

Understanding ABBV-525 and Its Role

The medicine ABBV-525, a MALT1 inhibitor, is designed to target a specific part of the B-cell receptor signaling pathway crucial for the survival of CLL cells. This pathway is essential in the development and progression of CLL. The medicine acts downstream of BTK, a pathway already targeted by existing therapies called BTK inhibitors. This means it works on a different aspect of the disease process compared to current treatments. 

About the Clinical Trial 

The clinical trial, which is now open and enrolling patients, is an international, multi-center study. It is specifically for CLL patients who have experienced relapse or resistance to standard therapies, such as BTK inhibitors and venetoclax. These standard therapies have shown great outcomes for many patients, but a subset of patients develop resistance, creating a need for new and improved treatment approaches. 

What This Means for CLL Patients

For patients with CLL, particularly those who have relapsed or are resistant to current treatments, this trial offers a new treatment option. The MALT1 inhibitor's unique approach to targeting CLL cells provides an opportunity for more effective treatment in cases where other therapies have failed. 


The development of ABBV-525 and its clinical trial is a beacon of hope for many with CLL. With its new approach and the backing of significant research, it could become a crucial part of the CLL treatment landscape. It's important for patients to stay informed about such developments and consider them as potential options in their treatment journey. Consult with your CLL specialist to determine if receiving the medicine ABBV-525 may be right for you. 

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