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ASH 2023: Zanubrutinib + Sonrotoclax for CLL
Posted: Jan 22, 2024
ASH 2023: Zanubrutinib + Sonrotoclax for CLL image

CLL specialist Dr. Constantine Tam of the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, shared exciting research at the ASH 2023 conference about a study that tested newer generation CLL medicines in a combination - BTK inhibitor zanubrutinib (Brukinsa) and BCL-2 inhibitor sonrotoclax (BGB-11417). Watch his interview below or read the summary. 

Zanubrutinib + Sonrotoclax for CLL

A previous study found that combining ibrutinib (Imbruvica) and venetoclax (Venclexta) significantly enhanced treatment outcomes for CLL patients. Building on this success, Dr. Tam's latest research involves the use of second-generation medicines: zanubrutinib (Brukinsa) and sonrotoclax (BGB-11417).

These medicines are advanced versions of ibrutinib and venetoclax. Zanubrutinib is an improved version of ibrutinib, offering enhanced effectiveness with fewer side effects. Similarly, sonrotoclax is an improved version of venetoclax, being ten times more potent. 

The team conducted a study with 94 CLL patients, treating them with a combination of zanubrutinib and sonrotoclax. The results were highly encouraging. Patients experienced fewer side effects compared to those treated with the first-generation ibrutinib and venetoclax combination. 

Moreover, the zanubrutinib and sonrotoclax combination led to a rapid destruction of CLL cells. Patients reached undetectable minimal residual disease (uMRD) much faster than before. Undetectable minimal residual disease means there are little to no CLL cells detectable in the blood using highly sensitive tests. 

Why is this Important for CLL Patients? 

This breakthrough represents a potential shift in how CLL could be treated. The second-generation medicine combination not only reduces the side effects, which is important for a patient’s quality of life during treatment, but also accelerates the pace at which patients can reach a cancer-free state. This means a potentially faster and more comfortable road to recovery.

The medicine combination is currently available to CLL patients through clinical trial NCT04277637 found here. Dr. Tam is optimistic that zanubrutinib + sonrotoclax may become one of the best treatment options for CLL within the next 5 years. Click here to learn more about the benefits of joining a clinical trial. 

In summary, the research presented by Dr. Tam offers new hope for CLL patients. The second-generation combination of zanubrutinib and sonrotoclax shows promise for being more effective and having a better side effect profile than existing treatments. For patients battling CLL, staying informed about such advancements is important as it opens up new avenues for treatment and hope for a better future. 

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