Long Term Survivorship After Stem Cell Transplant

Event Description

Ilana Massi, AML survivor and patient advocate, will share her journey of physical and emotional healing after receiving her stem cell transplant in 2015.

During this event Ilana will:

  • Share her AML story
  • Discuss how the body can change post-transplant and what complications to look out for
  • Share tips for managing GVHD and other post-transplant side effects 
  • Review which providers are useful to add to your healthcare team post-transplant 

Join us live to participate in a discussion with Ilana to better understand the transplant experience and what tips for survivorship to consider!

Schedule & Agenda

01:00PM - 02:00PM
Katie Braswell
Welcome, announcements and introduction
Ilana Massi
Ilana will share her journey of physical and emotional healing after her allogeneic stem cell transplant
Questions and Answers
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Speakers & Moderators

The author Katie Braswell
Katie Braswell
Dallas, Texas

Katie joined the HealthTree Foundation as the Community Director for AML in 2021. She is a registered dietitian who previously worked at the VA hospital in Dallas, Texas where she coached veterans with blood cancer on how to use nutrition to improve their treatment outcomes and minimize cancer-related side effects. Katie is passionate about health education and patient empowerment. In her spare time, she loves to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen, spend time running outdoors and travel to new places.

The author Ilana Massi
Ilana Massi

Ilana Massi is a lifetime resident of the Los Angeles area. She has been married to her husband, Bob, for over 40 years, and she has five sons, three daughters-in-law and three grandsons. Trained as a pediatric ICU nurse, she had a wide variety of jobs during her nearly 40-year career, including research and professional education in the area of multiple sclerosis. She was diagnosed in 2014 with an aggressive form of AML. She received a stem cell transplant from a selfless donor in 2015, and today is a 7-year survivor. She is retired and committed to paying it forward through volunteer work for blood cancer organizations. She loves spending time with her family and appreciating every day.

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