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HealthTree Round Tables for Myeloma

HealthTree Round Tables for Myeloma

HealthTree Round Tables focus on educating patients and caregivers to understand the complexities of myeloma advances in patient-friendly terms.


HealthTree Round Tables are live (and live-streamed) meetings connecting myeloma patients with experts. Every HealthTree Round Table is unique because the content is tailored to the strengths, experiences, and interests of each faculty member.  Each program consists of two sessions focusing on specific topics of interest to the myeloma community.


HealthTree Round Tables include extensive time for attendees to ask questions for the faculty in a format that also allows faculty members to interact and comment on each other’s observations.  


Myeloma specialists are excited that audience questions are always complex and informed.  This motivates faculty members to learn how to translate more difficult and abstract concepts into language that is patient-friendly. 


Patient Comments on the HealthTree Round Tables


•  "Very good speakers who made it easy for all levels of patients caregivers to follow the discussions.”


•  "One of the best meetings and the quality of presenters was inspiring.”


•  "As a scientist, this meeting tops many I have attended.”


•  "Looking forward to seeing where the Round Tables will be next year.”

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