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Share HealthTree Cure Hub to Accelerate CLL Research
Posted: Jun 03, 2024
Share HealthTree Cure Hub to Accelerate CLL Research image

More patient data within HealthTree Cure Hub means more accurate results for blood cancer research. 

We encourage you to invite other CLL patients within your circle to connect their medical records to HealthTree Cure Hub so that they can participate in real-world CLL research and also receive the many personal benefits that come from being a part of this patient database and portal. 

Benefits of HealthTree Cure Hub for CLL Patients 

You can benefit from HealthTree Cure Hub by: 

  1. Tracking Your CLL Labs
  2. Searching Solutions to Your Side Effects
  3. Participating in CLL Research
  4. Searching for CLL Clinical Trials 
  5. Finding Your CLL Twin 

How To Share HealthTree Cure Hub Within Your CLL Circle 

  1. Ask us to share more about HealthTree Cure Hub at your local support group. We can present virtually to your group and explain the benefits and why it's important to blood cancer research. 
  2. We can present a virtual webinar to people within your circle (outside of a support group), if you want to host a virtual get-together with people from your clinic or treatment center. 
  3. You can request pamphlets/brochures from us to send to your local clinic or academic center. Just email

Thank you for being willing to participate in and spread the word about HealthTree Cure Hub. The more people we have as a part of our database, the more accurate CLL research can be done.

The author Audrey Burton-Bethke

about the author
Audrey Burton-Bethke

Audrey is an editor for the HealthTree Foundation. She originally joined the HealthTree Foundation in 2020 as the Myeloma Community Program Director. While not knowing much about myeloma initially, she worked hard to educate herself, empathize, and learn from others' experiences. She loves this job. Audrey is passionate about serving others, loves learning, and enjoys iced chais from Dutch Bros. She also loves spending time with her supportive husband and energetic three-year-old. 

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