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Easily Connect Your Medical Records to HealthTree Cure Hub (and why you should)
Posted: May 20, 2024
Easily Connect Your Medical Records to HealthTree Cure Hub (and why you should) image

This month, we've been focusing on the importance of blood cancer research and how you can get involved. 

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to contribute to CLL research is by securely connecting your medical records to the HealthTree Cure Hub patient database. Researchers can use anonymized data from this portal in order to make vital scientific discoveries through real-world data studies. 

How Can I Connect My Medical Records? 

  1. Create a HealthTree Cure Hub account (if you don't have one already) 
  2. Complete your basic information to complete your profile 
  3. Once you're logged in, click the "Connect Medical Records" on the sidebar or the "Medical Records" tab on the home dashboard 
  4. Click on "Add New Connection" and follow the instructions. 
  5. Look for your facilities (you can add more than one). If for some reason you do not see your facility, please contact our team at or call/text +1(800) 709-1113, as they can help you connect your records quickly and easily. 
  6. Log in to your facility portal (such as MyChart) and complete your connection. 
  7. Finalizing your connection should take 10-15 minutes. After that short wait, you can begin to see your labs within HealthTree Cure Hub, see side effect solutions, find your CLL twin, and other benefits. 

We Value Your Privacy and Security 

HealthTree does not save your MyChart login when you make the connection between your facilities and HealthTree Cure Hub. You have control over what medical records you share and for how long you share them. If at any point you would like someone to walk you through the process to make sure that you are not sharing any private information, please call +1(800)709-1113 or email and our team would be happy to walk you through the process. 

Your information is stored in an encrypted database that we regularly strengthen and secure to protect from hackers. We use the same security that large companies such as Google use to protect your data. We also will never share your data with researchers without it first being anonymized. 

We recognize the trust it takes to share your records with us and value your privacy. We thank you sincerely for your willingness to contribute to blood cancer research in this way. 

HealthTree Cure Hub Guide 

If you would like a written walkthrough on how to connect your medical records or would like more information on HealthTree Cure Hub and its benefits to you as a CLL patient (or loved one), please check out our HealthTree Cure Hub Guide below. The "Connect Your Records" tutorial is on page seven. 

HealthTree Cure Hub Guide


By participating in blood cancer research and allowing researchers to access a large subset of anonymous patient data information, you are helping get us closer to better treatments and cures for all. Because CLL is so heterogeneous, it's unlikely that there will be a "one size fits all" cure. However, when researchers can truly understand the disease (with as much data as possible), cures for all patients can be made available. 

Join HealthTree Cure Hub and connect your medical records today!

The author Audrey Burton-Bethke

about the author
Audrey Burton-Bethke

Audrey is an editor for the HealthTree Foundation. She originally joined the HealthTree Foundation in 2020 as the Myeloma Community Program Director. While not knowing much about myeloma initially, she worked hard to educate herself, empathize, and learn from others' experiences. She loves this job. Audrey is passionate about serving others, loves learning, and enjoys iced chais from Dutch Bros. She also loves spending time with her supportive husband and energetic three-year-old. 

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