Life with AML

Life with AML

Here you will find articles that discuss how to live your best life with AML. You will find a variety of article topics here, but they all aim to empower you to live healthfully and navigate your AML diagnosis. You will find many articles that discuss the latest recommendations on nutrition and exercise for AML patients during and after treatment.


You will also find articles on symptom management. Having AML changes the way you feel, eat, sleep and think. The articles here will help you navigate these changes and give you information on how to overcome them. You will also find information on various healthy living techniques such as mindfulness, yoga, breathing techniques and relaxation strategies.


Additionally, you will be inspired by reading stories personally written by AML survivors and AML caregivers. You will learn how patients and caregivers managed the ins and outs of their AML journey. You will read about their tips and tricks for coping with an AML diagnosis, how to live your best with AML and what life is like beyond AML treatment. 


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