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Different Forms of Advocacy and How You Can Get Involved
Different Forms of Advocacy and How You Can Get Involved image
Black Myeloma Health Community
event Sep 26, 2023 / 02:00PM - 03:00PM EDT

Event Description

Cancer advocacy takes on many forms, from raising awareness about cancer and related issues advancing cancer research, improving the quality of cancer care, to addressing legislative and regulatory issues affecting cancer care and research. As a cancer patient, there are many roles in which you can participate and play an integral part in making a difference in the lives of all cancer patients.  

Join us next month as we discuss different forms of advocacy and how you can get involved. 

Schedule & Agenda

The panelist Valarie Traynham
2:00 PM
Valarie Traynham

Valarie introduces the agenda of the event.

2:05 PM
Tony Newberne and Michael Riotto

Tony Newberne and Michael Riotto  give a presentation on advocacy

Questions and Answers
2:35 PM

Type your questions in the chat and we will answer them! 

Speakers & Moderators

The panelist Valarie Traynham
Valarie Traynham

Valarie embarked on her myeloma journey back in 2015, and ever since she's been on a mission. As a resilient myeloma thriver, her passion lies in not just navigating her own path but also in illuminating the journey for others. With a steadfast commitment to understanding the intricacies of the disease, she champions education, shedding light on health inequities that often lurk in the shadows. Driven by a profound belief in fairness, Valarie tirelessly advocates for equitable access to top-tier healthcare, clinical trials, and tailored treatments. Her journey as a beacon of knowledge and support began when she assumed the role of a support group leader. Today, she continues to extend her hand as a myeloma coach, mentor angel, and the guiding force behind the Black Myeloma Health Community. Valarie's voice echoes far and wide as she fearlessly confronts the disparities faced by myeloma patients. Through collaborative efforts with healthcare providers, she strives to forge pathways to solutions, ensuring that every individual receives the care they deserve. Join Valarie on her journey of empowerment and advocacy as she lights the way toward a brighter, more equitable future in myeloma care.

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The panelist Michael Riotto
Michael Riotto

Michael was 51 years old when he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2011. He had his autologous stem cell transplant later that same year. Post-transplant, he said it took about three months before he felt well enough to return to work full-time as a department store manager. Today, Michael is retired and says life is great. “There’s always a silver lining," he said, “you just have to find it.” Michael finds his joy in walking - a favorite form of exercise that, he says, “clears the mind.” He enjoys time with his wife and children and looks forward to spring each year when he can grow his hybrid peonies.

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The panelist Tony Newberne
Tony Newberne

At 39, Tony had only just started his personal training business when he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2013. Tony’s diagnosis began when he hurt his back during a training session. The pain eventually became severe enough for the ER, where CT scans confirmed L1, L3, and L4 vertebrae fractures along with numerous lytic lesions. He was admitted to the hospital and immediately started treatment. Tony began chemotherapy in October of 2013, received vertebroplasty in November, and kyphoplasty in February of 2014 to help stabilize his vertebrae and prevent further fractures. Tony received his autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT) in 2016 without complication. Back then, his doctors predicted he wouldn’t be able to resume a vigorous training schedule. Today, he’s in the gym daily and has relaunched his personal training business. With unwavering support from his faith, family, and friends, Tony knows the body and spirit can overcome enormous challenges.

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