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RituxiMAB, PolatuzuMAB What?! Let’s Talk About the MAB Family and Their Role in DLBCL
RituxiMAB, PolatuzuMAB What?! Let’s Talk About the MAB Family and Their Role in DLBCL image
Adult DLBCL Chapter
event Jul 23, 2024 / 04:00PM - 05:00PM EDT
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Event Description

Dr. Pallawi Torka joins HealthTree Foundation to share her knowledge of two very common DLBCL treatments: Rituximab and Polatuzumab.

Schedule & Agenda

The panelist Kat Richardson
4:00 PM
Kat Richardson

Kat introduces the agenda and our featured speaker Dr. Pallawi Torka

The panelist Dr. Pallawi Torka
4:05 PM
Dr. Pallawi Torka

Dr. Pallawi Torka shares her knowledge of Rituximab and Polatuzumab.

The panelist Audience
Q&A Session
4:40 PM

Come with your questions and we will answer them! 

Speakers & Moderators

The panelist Kat Richardson
Kat Richardson

Kat is from Lehi, Utah and is the Health Education Manager for lymphoma. She has worked in healthcare for a decade now, and earned her degree in Community Health Education and Promotion. Kat is passionate about disease prevention as well as improving quality of life and health equity. She enjoys reading, hiking, baking, ice skating, gardening, time with her family and friends, and most of all, spoiling her nieces and nephew. 

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The panelist Dr. Pallawi Torka
Dr. Pallawi Torka

Dr. Pallawi Torka is a hematologist-oncologist who cares for patients with various kinds of lymphoma, as well as chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). She thinks of herself as a clinician, researcher, and educator in that order, with her personal mantra being “treat every patient like family.” No two patients are the same, so their treatment plans should not be the same either. When Dr. Torka meets a new patient for the first time, she goes over their whole story in detail and analyzes every detail of their case to ensure that they come up with the best plan of care together. Dr. Torka believes that the best care plans incorporate not only cutting-edge science, but also the patient’s individual beliefs. Hearing “you have cancer” is difficult; Dr. Torka's goal is to walk the complicated and often confusing road with patients and their families, doing everything she can to make the journey easier.

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