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Educated patients and researchers create better cures

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HealthTree Cure Hub empowers patients with the information they need to be active participants in their care so they can live longer and better. That same information yields valuable insights for researchers on the leading edge of innovative treatments. At HealthTree, we’re laying the foundation for a future of more effective and personalized cures.

HealthTree Cure Hub helps you navigate your disease by tracking your labs and so much more

Securely Connect your medical records to track your disease

By effortlessly integrating records from various healthcare providers, patients can now view a comprehensive overview of their medical history, including diagnoses, genetics, lab results, and treatments, all within a single, user-friendly interface.

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Explore your labs, genetics, treatment history

Track My Disease provides patients the ability to gain one-of-a-kind access to review a holistic spectrum of health information, encompassing laboratory results, genetic profiles, and treatment histories, offering patients invaluable insights into their own medical journey.

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Discover customized treatment options and clinical trials

Patients can now explore a wealth of information about ongoing clinical trials and emerging treatment options that align with their medical profiles.

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Find and connect with your genetic twin matches

Twin Machine harnesses the power of genetic data in an unprecedented way. The engine identifies individuals with remarkably similar genetic profiles, effectively connecting users who share genetic traits as if they were biological twins.

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14,000+ patients are currently benefiting and impacting their outcomes while driving diffuse large b cell lymphoma research

Connect your records to help access to real-world data

By connecting your records, you can help accelerate research by contributing to real-world data. This allows individuals to manage their health but also contributes to the advancement of medical science, bridging the gap between patient experiences and research insights.


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Participate in investigator-led research in surveys and studies

Patients have the opportunity to contribute to research conducted by reputable investigators. This not only accelerates medical research but also enables users to play an active role in shaping the future of healthcare.


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View results from all the latest in disease research

By participating in research you gain exclusive access to HealthTree Cure Hub’s extensive and breakthrough disease research. View live progress and view the results of any survey or study you participate in.


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