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ASH 2023: Real-World Velcade Prescribing Patterns and Outcomes in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma
Posted: Jan 18, 2024
ASH 2023: Real-World Velcade Prescribing Patterns and Outcomes in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma image

In addition to the headline-grabbing clinical trial results presented each year at ASH, much of which has been reported here on HealthTree News, it is also useful to pay particular attention to real-world observational research applicable for today’s patients.

Patients taking Velcade (bortezomib) may find value in Abstract 544Retrospective Observational Study on Real-World Bortezomib Prescribing Patterns and Outcomes in Newly Diagnosed Patients, presented at ASH 2023 by Dr. Fieke Hoff on December 10th, 2023.

The Question of Once-weekly vs. Twice-weekly Dosing for Velcade

In the study introduction, the authors state that in most clinical trials of newly diagnosed myeloma, Velcade has been dosed twice weekly. 

They cite several trials, however, that have shown that once-weekly dosing has demonstrated comparable efficacy with less peripheral neuropathy. Their research was designed to further examine the prevalence and comparative outcomes of once-weekly vs. twice-weekly dosing in the large, nationwide Flatiron Health database. 

Study Details and Conclusions

The analysis included 2,522 patients that were newly diagnosed and started on first line Velcade between 2017-2022. It was determined that 36.8% received twice-weekly dosing and 63.2% received once-weekly dosing. Importantly, they found no statistically significant difference in real-world progression-free survival or real-world overall survival between those who received once weekly vs. twice weekly dosing.

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In the discussion section, the authors note that although dosing has shifted towards once-weekly, in the last 3 years, over 30% of patients remained on twice-weekly dosing. Although it was not the focus of this analysis, the authors note that once-weekly Velcade has demonstrated less neuropathy and requires less time in the clinic.

They conclude, “These data further support the conclusion that once-weekly bortezomib should be considered the standard of care for newly diagnosed patients with multiple myeloma.” 

For more education on this topic, hear from Dr. Gurbakhash Kaur, MD, on real-world bortezomib patterns in newly diagnosed myeloma.

Considerations for Myeloma Patients

When considering the complexity of myeloma, the rapidly evolving science, and the unique attributes of every myeloma patient, selecting the optimal, personalized treatment strategy has been described as a blend of both science and art.

Whether you are newly diagnosed or years along in your journey, there is value in consulting with a myeloma expert. You can find a directory here: Myeloma Specialist Directory.

In our quest for cures, the science and art of myeloma care are illuminated by both clinical trial results and real-world evidence.

You can unleash the power of your real-world data and accelerate the arrival of practice-changing insights and functional cures by joining HealthTree’s Cure Hub database. It’s free, secure, and a trusted source of data for myeloma researchers and over 13,000 myeloma patients. You can learn more and get started today. 

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The author Todd Kennedy

about the author
Todd Kennedy

Todd Kennedy was diagnosed with myeloma in 2017 and has become a tireless advocate for myeloma patients and research. His background includes over 30 years working in the pharmaceutical industry until he and his wife Diane retired from their respective first careers to devote their time and talents to strengthen the myeloma community. They collaborate with HealthTree and other trusted partners to educate and empower myeloma patients and caregivers and accelerate the arrival of cures.

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