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Live longer and healthier with your ALCL

HealthTree has a wealth of information and support for patients with ALCL. You've come to the right place to change your future.

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Lifetime support and education

Your brighter tomorrow starts today with free patient education resources

HealthTree News Program
Stay up-to-date with all the latest disease news curated by what matters most
Joining a HealthTree Event
Join in-person at our expert panel roundtable events
HealthTree Podcasts
Listen and learn from our expert guests on HealthTree Podcast
HealthTree Events Program
Join free online events or watch webinars with experts
HealthTree support
Get fast and personalized support with free patient navigators
HealthTree University Program
Learn with courses taught by hundreds of disease specialists

Learn more with 101 patient guides

Meaningful patient-to-patient connections

Find a community of ALCL patients who care and are just like you

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HealthTree Connect
Ask questions and get answers with HealthTree Connect, our new patient-focused social platform
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Complete group fitness challenges designed just for you with the HealthTree Moves app

Powerful Patient Data Portal

HealthTree Cure Hub helps you navigate your disease by tracking your labs and so much more

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HealthTree Cure Hub Treatment Options
Discover customized treatment options and clinical trials
HealthTree Cure Hub Medical Records
Explore what your medical record means and your options
HealthTree Cure Hub Medical Records
Find and converse with your genetic twin matches
HealthTree Cure Hub Side Effects Solutions
Explore and review side effect solutions suggested by other patients
HealthTree Cure Hub
Personalize your Cure Hub experience with customizable patient dashboards (Coming soon)

You can help advance ALCL research

In HealthTree Cure Hub, your data and researchers' expertise combine to shorten the breakthrough time from years to days; every second counts

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HealthTree Cure Hub Surveys and Studies
Participate in important patient surveys & studies
HealthTree Cure Hub Medical Records
Connecting your records gives researchers valuable data
HealthTree Cure Hub Stats & Insights
View results from all the latest in disease research

Get involved today!

At HealthTree we're on a mission to accelerate cures. Here's how you can help:

Donate to HealthTree, a nonprofit organization

Our core mission is to provide as many patient resources possible to any and all underserved communities in the US and eventually worldwide.

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