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Clinical Trial


Unrelated Donor Stem Cell Transplantation

          The purpose of this study is to provide an opportunity for patients with malignancies or bone marrow failure states who lack a suitable sibling donor to undergo allogeneic hematopoietic progenitor cell transplantation using cells from unrelated individuals or cord blood registries.

Est. Enrollment: 64 participants

The number of participants in a clinical study. The "estimated" enrollment is the target number of participants the researchers need for the study.

Study Start Date: Mar 01, 2005

These are the dates the researchers think the study will start and end.

Study Completion Date: Jul 01, 2015

The "estimated" study completion date is the date the researchers think the last participant in a clinical study was examined or received an intervention/treatment. This is also the expected date that the study will be completed

Age: 18 to 69 years

Gender: All

Who can join expand_less
  • > 18 years of Age
  • < 70 years
  • ECOG performance status 0, 1 or 2
  • Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction > 30%
  • Creatinine clearance > 40ml/min
  • Transaminases < 2X normal
  • Total bilirubin < 2X normal
  • HIV seronegativity
  • Weight < 70kg for cord blood transplantation
  • Ability to cover the cost of the transplant, necessary medications, and transportation/housing.
  • Caregiver must be available while outpatient
Who cannot join expand_less
  • Greater than one antigen mismatch at HLA-A, B, C or DR plus one allele mismatch at HLA-A, B, C or DR
Study Description expand_more
Study Details expand_more

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