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Nonsecretory Myeloma, Plasmacytomas, and Other Things
Nonsecretory Myeloma, Plasmacytomas, and Other Things image
Non-Secretory Myeloma Community
event Oct 12, 2023 / 01:00PM - 02:00PM EDT

Event Description

Dr. Sascha Tuchman joins the Nonsecretory Myeloma Community to answer your questions about the relationship between plasmacytomas and nonsecretory myeloma, common issues for nonsecretory myeloma patients, and more.

Come with your questions and make this a great discussion!

Schedule & Agenda

The panelist Vicki Jones
1:00 PM
Vicki Jones

Vicki introduces the agenda of the event and our featured speaker Dr. Sascha Tuchman

The panelist Sascha Tuchman, MD
1:05 PM
Sascha Tuchman, MD

Dr. Sasha Tuchman answers your questions about the relationship between plasmacytomas and nonsecretory myeloma.

Questions and Answers
1:35 PM

Type your questions in the chat and we will answer them! 

Speakers & Moderators

The panelist Vicki Jones
Vicki Jones

Vicki has been fighting Myeloma since 2004 when she was diagnosed with stage 2 Myeloma and began aggressive chemotherapy. After a stem cell transplant in 2007 from which she obtained a very good partial response, Vicki has been on just about every drug regimen available. Every drug has worked well but, of course, nothing works forever. Recently after being IGA lambda for over 17 years, Vicki became a non-secretor and now leads Healthtree’s non secretory community group. Throughout her myeloma journey, Vicki has gratefully maintained an excellent quality of life and now finds joy in helping others diagnosed with Myeloma.

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The panelist Sascha Tuchman, MD
Sascha Tuchman, MD

Dr. Tuchman is a board-certified medical oncologist and divides his time between clinical care and clinical research. He studies and treats all forms of plasma cell disorders but has a special research interest in amyloidosis, and in managing older, frail patients with multiple myeloma. He has years of experience in managing patients and leading research efforts in these disorders, and he directs the multiple myeloma and amyloidosis program at UNC. As part of that role, he mentors the research and career development of trainees who have an interest in myeloma and related conditions. Outside UNC, Dr. Tuchman sits on expert groups that design research in and formulate guidelines for managing plasma cell disorders, such as the International Myeloma Working Group, the International Society for Amyloidosis, and the multiple myeloma committee in the Alliance cooperative cancer research group. When not at work, he enjoys playing ice hockey, cycling, playing music, studying languages, reading history, and spending time with his family including his wife and three sons.

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