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Myeloma Coaches: How HealthTree Cure Hub Helps Them Track & Manage Their Myeloma
Myeloma Coaches: How HealthTree Cure Hub Helps Them Track & Manage Their Myeloma
Posted Apr 04, 2021

The HealthTree Cure Hub provides opportunities for you to easily participate in research, and you don't even have to leave your house.   You can answer survey questions posed by myeloma researchers, and also join studies. We provide the HealthTree Cure Hub services to the myeloma researchers for free because the traditional methods of research are slow and expensive. As always, our goal is a faster cure.   

HealthTree Cure Hub has a dual purpose - it’s a tool to not only accelerate a myeloma cure, but it can also help you navigate your myeloma along the way.

Here are some key features of HealthTree Cure Hub you might like to explore: 

  1. Track your myeloma. Put everything about your myeloma in a single place.

  2. See all of your treatment options at all stages of the disease.

  3. Find all clinical trials you are personally eligible to join.

  4. Learn about myeloma with HealthTree University. 

  5. Find a myeloma specialist in our directory.

  6. Find links to financial resources, like patient assistance programs.

  7. Help accelerate research

  8. Find your myeloma “twin”

  9. Explore Patient Solutions- a feature that allows you to find solutions to your common side effects. 

Find hundreds of myeloma discussion topics and participate in our Community Forums.

Many, including Myeloma Coaches, use HealthTree Cure Hub to track/manage their myeloma, become more educated, and connect with others.  

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