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Powerful Patient Data Portal

HealthTree Cure Hub

HealthTree Cure Hub is a first-in-class software tool that supports disease navigation while helping to accelerate AML research. HealthTree Cure Hub empowers patients with AML knowledge, connects them to peers in similar situations and identifies personalized treatment options. At the same time, it helps the research community develop new hypotheses about optimal treatment strategies and identifies best practices in AML care. It is the first patient-driven data initiative that helps patients navigate their own disease while contributing to research using a combination of validated EHR and real-world data.

We are excited to bring HealthTree Cure Hub to AML!

Benefits For Patients

AML patients participate in HealthTree Cure Hub because they receive support and benefits from their participation. Patients can:

  • Aggregate their treatment history, genetics and lab data from multiple facilitites
  • Track their labs over time and with treatment
  • Find personally relevant treatment options for every stage of disease
  • Find personally relevant clinical trials they are eligible to join
  • Find and connect with their disease “twin”
  • Find side effect solutions from crowdsourced data from other patients
  • View reports of the aggregated data
  • Contribute to academic research with surveys and studies

HealthTree Cure Hub Data Collection Process

 1. Patient signs consent and links their EHR accounts to HealthTree Cure Hub

 2. Using API connections to EPIC, Cerner and the VA, EHR data is imported into Cure Hub

 3. Patients are invited to add Full Health Profile data and PRO data into their profile

 4. Led by clinicians, the HealthTree Medical Team validates each account annually

 5. Patients are invited to continue contributing to surveys and studies in the platform

 6. Patient Navigators assist patients by phone in data connection, collection and updating

Research Timeline

With HealthTree Cure Hub, we cut the time needed to go from an idea to published research from 3 years to 6 months. 

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